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Foreign Application

Foreign Application

Working towards a better future in assisting and creating amazing local production and content.

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Foreign Application
Foreign Application Eligibility

FIMI can be applied in one of two streams: FIMI for Production Activity or FIMI for Post Production Activity.

Criteria #1

Foreign Film Production companies using Malaysia for location filming and/ or post production and,

Criteria #2

Co-production with a Malaysian film producer (majority foreign owned).

Qualifying Malaysian Production Expenditure – A minimum
Qualifying Malaysian Production Expenditure(QMPE) of MYR 5 million for production
(inclusive of post production); or
MYR 1.5 million for post production activity only (for production inside Malaysia)
Television series must spend a minimum of MYR385,000 per hour
Application must be submitted to FIMO at least 3 months before the production date
Guidelines & Application Forms
FIMI Process Charts